Production – Project Fathom / Creative Direction for Film and Print – Rowena True / DP – Taylor Gentry / Photographer – Winnie Au / Illustration- Rob Flowers / Animators – Daniel Britt / Craig James Dolan / Stylist -Sheyna Imm




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☆ Fashion Gifs for Dish. To see more go HERE


Have a look at the fashion film I directed for Alice & Olivia’s Spring 2013 campaign.

Crew – DP– Taylor Gentry  //  DP’s Assistant– Arlen Cooke  //  In-house Stylist – Cleo Wade // Hair – Danielle Priano // Make-up  Jen Myles



Alice & Olivia

facegreenface Alice & Oliviaheartscut-outbutterflyyellowphone

Behind the scenes…

Alice &Olivia

Alice & OliviaAlice & OliviaAlice & Olivia



Currently shooting a fashion video in New York for Alice & Olivia’s Spring 2013 campaign.


Just shot a video for ION Magazine’s September Issue.

More pics here

Rowena True – Director & Animator
Alan Chan – Photographer
Tia – Model @ Lizbell Agency
Stylist – Deanna Palkowski
Stylist Assistant – Kristine Wilkinson
Hair and Make Up – Negar Hooshmand @ Lizbell Agency

Music – Peaches

Over the last month I have been prepping for a fashion film I am directing in January. These are a few stills from the storyboard. They are for storyboard reference only. Pictures are of found-photographs with cut-out and collage. The film involves lots of paper cut outs and geometry. It is a short fashion film involving stop-motion, cut-out animation and live-action. I cant say too much now except I am going to be working with cinematographer Todd Duym and a team from Nobasura will be on set with Rad Kid Kristy Jacobsen modeling. Guest stylist Deanna Polkowski is working closely with me  too. I cant wait.  You will be able to see it first on Let Them Eat Cake, London. I will keep you informed when its up. Currently finishing off the making of props – I cant wait to see the giant protractor in action.. Early sketch book images: Stop motion Lego Just finished the last class on the stop motion course I am running at Vancouver Film School. This time the focus was LEGO and the students chose an underwater theme! The group consists of Amie Bennett, Jullian Ablaza, Thomas Mckeen, Teresa Huesca with additional lego building support from Jane Haezer! The final edit will be delivered to me on Friday. Cant wait to see!! Here is a short test I made featuring an animated rainbow made from boxes and colour explosions taking over the studio at Nobasura. It was shot over a few days. I have been meaning to post it up and finally have had some time to edit into a short colourful clip for the blog – hope you enjoy it! and THANKS NOBASURA ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Ive just finished teaching a short course at VFS looking at paper and pixilation. The film the 7 students made will be up soon and Ill post a link. Was assisted by Danny Chan and the brilliant Audio Instructor was Alan Wong-Moon. Currently building rainbows and working on tests… The Weather Girls Madonna Barbie for Dazed Digital Showreel

For more of my work go here : Park Village


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