IKEA cookbook

IKEA’s recipe book ‘Homemade is best’ is back – this time in motion! The photographer behind the Swedish retailer’s cookbook, Carl Kleiner, has teamed up with editor and animator Eric Severin and stylist Evelina Bratell to make a playfull nine-part video series. To see an example of cracking an egg go here

Homemade is best is a 140 page coffee-table recipe book, containing 30 classic Swedish baking recipes–everything from small biscuits to large cakes. For each recipe, there are two images: one of the ingredients and one of the finished item. I have to get myself a copy!

Gingerbread cookies

Pepparkakor gingerbread

See all images from the book here

Makes me want to rearrange my utensils and play with food!


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