Latest work – Fashion Film Prep

Over the last month I have been prepping for a fashion film I am directing in January.

These are a few stills from the storyboard. They are for storyboard reference only. Pictures are of found-photographs with cut-out and collage. The film involves lots of paper cut outs and geometry. It is a short fashion film involving stop-motion, cut-out animation and live-action. I cant say too much now except I am going to be working with cinematographer Todd Duym and a team from Nobasura will be on set with Rad Kid Kristy Jacobsen modeling. Guest stylist Deanna Palkowski is working closely with me  too. I cant wait.  You will be able to see it first on Let Them Eat Cake, London. I will keep you informed when its up. Currently finishing off the making of props – I cant wait to see the giant protractor in action..

Early sketchbook stills you may be interested to see.


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