Martin Creed

This weekend I went to see Martin Creed at the Wing Sang Gallery in Chinatown. The Wing Sang gallery in Vancouver is a private exhibition space for the Rennie Collection, an internationally acclaimed collection of contemporary art. Real estate mogul Bob Rennie is a believer that all art should be free to view so there was no entry charge (which I think is great!! ) Viewing is by appointment only so you have to book ahead but I think it is well worth it! We managed to JUST get bookings for the last day of the show – infact the last tour! Phew!

My favourite piece is called Work No. 329 (2004). Creed fills the space with party balloons to contain fifty percent of the calculated volume of the space forcing the viewer to be aware of how they move in the space that is left. To say I LOVED this piece was an understatement. PURE JOY!

His Work No. 851 (2008) which is a seventy-five foot neon sentiment EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT is permanently installed at Wing Sang. Unfortunately it wasnt quite dark enough for us to see it glow but I have included pics of it below in all its glory!

Here are some images –  including some shots of the exterior of the gallery and space (courtesy of the Rennie Collection) as well as a few images we took on the day.

I thought Id include this great image above by Paul Krueger

Image below courtesy of the Rennie Collection


One thought on “Martin Creed

  1. Superb photos. I especially like the top one with the beautiful old town house crammed with pink balloons and the beautiful demure green tree standing by overlooking the proceedings.
    Looks like a fabulous exhibition.

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