Contemporary Survival – Heels on wheels

I just finally ordered myself a copy of Philip Garner’s brilliant survival catalogue. Stilettos on wheels – what more can you want?! If only I’d had them the other day. I got lost in East Hastings in Downtown in the rain. Trust me for anyone that doesn’t know Vancouver – you dont want to get lost in Hastings! Its a spooky place. If only I had had Garner’s glamour speed shoes I would have been out of there in seconds!;)

On a more positive note I came across this awesome green building near Chinatown after getting lost. I havent boosted the colour -its seriously that bright! If you havent guessed by now I am a colour fiend! the brighter the better. I wonder who lives there.

See my slightly worried expression below being watched by some dubious characters on the corner. Take the picture quick!

Ive been meaning to post this up for a while  and now is the time. I bought these at REFIND ON MAIN for a bargain a few weeks back. I fell in love with these nike rollers!! The guy who runs it is so lovely. Definitely worth a visit. Not quite as glamourous as Garner’s but love the retro yellow. Shot this from a roof in Downtown. Sea wall here I come! Watch me roll…..

Musical Bra 1981 – A portable musical stereo bra, designed by Geoffrey Weston for Philip Garner’s spoof ‘Better Living Catalogue’

LOVE it! I wonder what tune it plays.


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