C H R O M E O cool + Keith Schofield

I am a huge fan of the electrofunk Montreal formed duo Chromeo. Sadly I just missed their gig in Vancouver by a week on my arrival. Next time Im there!

Check out there video, ‘Dont Turn the lights on’ . The lead single from Chromeo’s third LP, ‘Business Casual’ . The video is directed by the brillant and forever entertaining LA based Keith Schofield. Here are some stills from my favourite bits…

Oh and check out there light-up mannequin stiletto keyboards…I love these guys!!!!

Here are some more stills from another video by Keith Schofield – ‘Let Love Rule’ Lenny Kravitz + Justice. So cheesy -just brilliant. Wait for the credits!!!

Check out the video HERE 

I have to include this still from the Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck video Heaven Can Wait’another video that Schofield directed. To me one of the best images on the video is the ‘Skateboard on cheeseburgers’ shot Schofield says is inspired by William Hundley 


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